Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Blogger's spell checker doesn't know the word "blog"

That's weird. When I used Blogger's spell checker to check for spelling, it didn't recognized the word "blog". Go figureā€¦

Note that Joel said that Google spell checking is "not based on dictionaries; it's based on word usage statistics of the entire Internet", but I guess he only meant the search engine spell check, not the blog service.

User script to make Joel on Software blog posts print better

Joel on Software blog sometimes links to Joel articles and the articles have a "Printer Friendly Version" link below the subtitle. But the posts themselves, which are sometimes quite long, don't have a "printer friendly version". At least I didn't find one.
So I created a Greasemonkey user script to hide all the irrelevant stuff and leave only the post itself, so it takes less paper and ink to print.

This is of course only for personal use, as I remove the copyright string.
This is subject to change as Joel is currently redesigning his site.